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Food Waste Disposer

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the few and prominent manufacturers of Food Waste Disposer located in Ahmedabad.

The Crusader - food waste disposer is a kitchen appliance that helps you dispose your kitchen waste instantly. This appliance fits onto any kitchen sink. All you have to do is feed the food waste into the disposer by dropping it onto your sink, and that’s it! You are free from all the mess.

Manufactured using the finest materials, it can go on serving you for years. It carries a guarantee of 1 year. The company also offers AMC contracts after guarantee period. A user-friendly appliance, and does a lot for the environment by flushing out all food scraps instantly. The waste from the disposer can be used as fertilizers. It comes in different models catering to homes, offices, marriage halls, factory canteens, restaurants, hospitals etc.

Crusader Advantage :
  • Reduce kitchen stinks!
  • Decrease pest disturbance!
  • Free of household chores!
  • Provide convenient and rapid use!
  • Save energy with high efficiency!
  • Put an end to drainpipe blockage!
  • Sanitary and environment-friendly!
Crusader Features :
  • Disposes all food waste within a minute.
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel grinding blades.
  • Disposable food wastes : bones, fish heads, fish ones, eggshells, cornhusks, vegetable leftovers, fruit peels, coffee grounds, tea dusts, residuals and most other food wastes.
  • Decreases food wastes and rubbish plastic bags to protect the environment.
  • Save you from special requirements on waste disposing.
  • One push, all OK.
  • Enhance health of your family!
How to operate
  1. Turn on the water faucet.
  2. Turn on the food waste disposer.
  3. Drop food in to the grinding chamber.
  4. Allow the food waste disposer to work a few second.
  5. When finish, Turn of the food waste disposer and the water faucets.
  1. Grind a food waste with a moderate flow of cold water.
  2. Let the food waste disposer natural food item such as meal residuals, chicken or fish bones, vegetables, fruits peals, etc.
  1. Don’t use boiling water while machine is in operation.
  2. Don’t drop metals, glass, leather, ceramic, or rocks in to the food waste disposer
Crusader  I22
Crusader I22
Crusader D7
Crusader D7
Crusader-I 52
Crusader-I 52
Sink with Crusader
Sink with Crusader

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